[SOLVED] Passing variable number of arguments around


Say I have a C function which takes a variable number of arguments: How can I call another function which expects a variable number of arguments from inside of it, passing all the arguments that got into the first function?


void format_string(char *fmt, ...);

void debug_print(int dbg_lvl, char *fmt, ...) {
    format_string(fmt, /* how do I pass all the arguments from '...'? */);
    fprintf(stdout, fmt);


To pass the ellipses on, you initialize a va_list as usual and simply pass it to your second function. You don’t use va_arg(). Specifically;

void format_string(char *fmt,va_list argptr, char *formatted_string);

void debug_print(int dbg_lvl, char *fmt, ...) 
 char formatted_string[MAX_FMT_SIZE];

 va_list argptr;
 format_string(fmt, argptr, formatted_string);
 fprintf(stdout, "%s",formatted_string);

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