[SOLVED] Passing function through Switch Route component


I want to build an app, which collects input information from sub-components and lift this information up to my main App component. I am using Switch with multiple Route to navigate through my questionnaire. I am able to pass variables and functions through my app until the <Switch> statement.
My problem: how do I pass a function or variable into my <Route> component.

class App extends Component {
    state = {
      date: new Date(),
      machineid: null,

  handleChangeMachine(event) {
    const machineid_temp = event.target.value;
    this.setState({machineid: machineid_temp})

    return (
    <div className="page">
        <Header testvalue="this is working"/>
        <Switch testvalues="this is working">
          <Route testvalues="this is not working" path="/" exact component={Landingpage}/>
          <Route path="/survey" component={Survey}/>
          <Route path="/kontakt" component={Kontakt}/>
          <Route path="/question_one" handleChangeMachine={this.handleChangeMachine}  component={question_one}/> {/* This is not working */}
          <Route path="/question_two" component={question_two}/>

export default App;

In this case the function handleChangeMachine isn’t properly passed to the component question_one. Has anyone an idea about how I can solve it? I’ve tried every thing I understood as a React-beginner.


If you are using [email protected], you can write your route as follow:

<Route path="/question_one">
  <QuestionOne handleChangeMachine={this.handleChangeMachine.bind(this)}

Note that question_one isn’t a correct component name.

Or even :

  render={({ match }) => {
    // Do whatever you want with the match...
    return <QuestionOne handleChangeMachine={this.handleChangeMachine.bind(this)} />;

You can check the documentation for more information.

Here is a repro on Stackblitz.

Answered By – Quentin Grisel

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