[SOLVED] Passing dynamic javascript values using Url.action()


Could anyone please tell how to pass dynamic values using Url.action().

Something Like,

var firstname="abc";
var username = "abcd";
location.href = '@Html.Raw(@Url.Action("Display", "Customer", new { uname = firstname ,name = username}))';

firstname, username is not getting reffered inside the Url.action() method.

How to pass these dynamic values using Url.action()?


The @Url.Action() method is proccess on the server-side, so you cannot pass a client-side value to this function as a parameter. You can concat the client-side variables with the server-side url generated by this method, which is a string on the output. Try something like this:

var firstname = "abc";
var username = "abcd";
location.href = '@Url.Action("Display", "Customer")?uname=' + firstname + '&name=' + username;

The @Url.Action("Display", "Customer") is processed on the server-side and the rest of the string is processed on the client-side, concatenating the result of the server-side method with the client-side.

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