[SOLVED] Pandas Dataframe: groupby id to find max column value and return corresponding value of another column


I have a large dataframe with different food entries. Each food has one nutrient (A, B, C, D) with a corresponding value for that nutrient in another column.
I want to define a function which takes a specific nutrient as an argument and returns the name of the food with the highest nutrient value. If the argument does not exist, it should return ‘Sorry, {requested nutrient} not found’.

df = pd.DataFrame([[0.99, 0.87, 0.58, 0.66, 0.62, 0.81, 0.63, 0.71, 0.77, 0.73, 0.69, 0.61, 0.92, 0.49],
               ['apple', 'banana', 'kiwi', 'lemon', 'grape', 'cheese', 'eggs', 'spam', 'fish', 'bread',
                'salad', 'milk', 'soda', 'juice'],
               ['***', '**', '****', '*', '***', '*', '**', '***', '*', '*', '****', '**', '**', '****']]).T
df.columns = ['value', 'nutrient', 'food', 'price']

I have tried the following:

def food_for_nutrient(lookup_nutrient, dataframe=df):
    max_values = dataframe.groupby(['nutrient'])['value'].max()
    result = max_values[lookup_nutrient]
    return print(result)

It seems to identify the max values of the nutrients correctly but it returns only the nutrient value. I need the corresponding str from column food.
For instance, if I give the following argument


My desired output is:


My second problem is that my if statement doesn’t work. It always returns else

def food_for_nutrient(lookup_nutrient, dataframe=df):
    max_values = dataframe.groupby(['nutrient'])['value'].max()
    if lookup_nutrient in dataframe['nutrient']:
        result = max_values[lookup_nutrient]
        return print(result)
        return print(f'Sorry, {lookup_nutrient} not found.')


Thanks a lot for your help!


Try this:

def food_for_nutrient(lookup_nutrient):
        return df[df['nutrient'] == lookup_nutrient].set_index('food')['value'].astype(float).idxmax()
    except ValueError:
        return f'Sorry, {lookup_nutrient} not found.'


>>> food_for_nutrient('A')

>>> food_for_nutrient('B')

>>> food_for_nutrient('C')

>>> food_for_nutrient('D')

>>> food_for_nutrient('E')
'Sorry, E not found.'

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