[SOLVED] Optimal way to store objects in AppConfig.json


My AppConfig.json:

     "MyTimeZone: "CET",
     "RegularString" : "SomeValue",
     "AnArray" : ["1","2"]

My POCO class:

public class Settings
     public TimeZoneInfo MyTimeZone { get; set; }
     public string RegularString { get; set; }
     public IList<string> AnArray { get; set; }


var configuration = GetConfiguration("AppSettings.json");

This of course does not bind "CET" into a valid TimeZoneInfo object. Now the question is what is the best place in my application (a web app) to convert from string to TimeZoneInfo? Is there a way to automatically convert string config values to objects based on certain rules without creating custom converters?


Reference Use DI services to configure options

    .Configure<IConfiguration>((setting, configuration) => {
        var section = config.GetSection("Settings");
        //This will populate the other properties that can bind by default

        //this will extract the remaining value and set it mnually
        string value = section.GetValue<string>("MyTimeZone");
        TimeZoneInfo info = TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById(value);
        setting.MyTimeZone = info;

The complex setting value can be extracted directly from configuration via DI and used to create the time zone and apply it to the settings.

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