[SOLVED] Omnisharp server is not running Windows 10


I’m using VS Code to try out ASP.NET a little bit, but when I try to do:
dnu restore
it fails.

If I try to do it within VS Code I get a error message:
Omnisharp server not running.

I don’t really know what to do 🙁
I’m running Windows 10 x64


Check the vs code Omnisharp log, Ctrl + Shift + U.

The Omnisharp server is not running error can result from a problem in your project.json causing issues with dnu restore. e.g. Issues resolving packages for one of the target frameworks?

It probably will not help but, you can try restarting Omnisharp : F1 "omni restart"

C# support is not bundled but it does sound like you have successfully installed it. Otherwise add C# with F1 "ext install", Enter, "C#"

You are right that there is little documentation

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