[SOLVED] Numpy linspace function stop value


I giving start and stop values as parameters to the linspace function
Stop value is normally does not include in the array. Because of this we always write [stop+1] in order to make include the stop value.
But in linspace, if i write

np.linspace(0, 20, 5)

the output is:

[0, 5, 10, 15, 20]

Why linspace function output includes the stop value when arange function does not?


from Numpy linspace documnetation

endpoint : bool, optional
If True, stop is the last sample. Otherwise, it is not included. Default is True.

as explained nicely here the 2 functions are similar with slightly different approaches –

  • linspace’s goal is to give us a list of values equally spaced between the start point and endpoint, the only required parameter (except for the start/end) is how many items do we want. Therefore the end considers a legitimate item in that list.

  • arrange’s goal is to give a list of steps according to the stepsize parameter we gave it. we’re handling the steps so I guess the end doesn’t concern us
    this is my two cents for this issue…

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