[SOLVED] node-red-node-mysql full disk


I have a project with node-red and I am using node-red-node-mysql to manipulate data inside my Mysql Workbench.
I do the next actions: insert data, update data, query for some rows to display them on the screen.
When I start my project, the PC’s disk is almost instantly at 99% by "mysql.exe"

Below you can see 2 of my flows that use the connection to my database.

enter image description here
enter image description here

If I stop my server, my Disk usage goes to 1%

I refer to Disk like in the image below
enter image description here

Could somebody help me out here with a suggestion?
Could it be something from the configuration of mysql?
P.S: I am jut a n00b trying to understand node-red and use it 🙂


I investigated a bit the pc and decided to use another station.
After moving everything to another server, it works just fine. I think that the problem came after a windows update — my HDD runs slower, much slower.

Answered By – Balaj Ovidiu

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