[SOLVED] No exact matches in call to initializer in a count of an array


I try to extract some words from a txt file but I can’t manage it. This is my code :

import SwiftUI
struct ContentView: View {

    @State private var allWords : [String] = []
    func startGame() {
        if let startWordsURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "start", withExtension: "txt") {
            if let startWords = try? String(contentsOf: startWordsURL) {
                allWords = startWords.components(separatedBy: "\n")
        if allWords.isEmpty {
            allWords = ["silkworm"]
        fatalError("Could not load start.txt from bundle.")
    var body: some View { 
                .onAppear(perform: startGame) 
                .font(.system(size: 30)) 
                .frame(width: 1000, height: 75) 
                .border(Color.black, width: 1) 

I have an error on the line Text(allWords.count) which tell me "No exact matches in call to initializer"
And If I replace the allWords.count by for example allWords\[0\] I have a fatal error which tell me "Index out of range"

I don’t really understand what happen

I have already tried other functions but I always have similar errors

I just want to have for example the second element

Thank you in advance for your help


As one of Swift/SwiftUI’s many super-vague error messages, No exact matches in call to initializer almost always means that the error is due to the types mismatching / the wrong type being used as input for a given function. In your case, you are trying using an Int (returned by the .count method) with a Text() view, which takes a String as a parameter.

Some possible solutions:

  • Text(String(allWords.count))
  • Text("\(allWords.count)") (credit to @Paulw11’s comment)
  • Text(allWords.count.description) (credit to @lorem ipsum’s comment)

Answered By – Charlie Reeder

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