[SOLVED] No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 1111


I’m working on a Spring JPA Application, using MySQL as database. I ensured that all spring-jpa libraries, hibernate and mysql-connector-java is loaded.

I’m running a mysql 5 instance. Here is a excerpt of my application.properties file:



When executing an integration test, spring startsup properly but fails on creating the hibernate SessionFactory, with the exception:

org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 1111

I think my dialects should be Mysql5Dialect, I also tried the one explicitly stating InnoDB, and the two dialect options which don’t indicate the version 5. But I always end up with the same ‘No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 1111’ message.
My application.properties file resides in the test/resources source folder. It is recognized by the JUnit Test runner (I previously got an exception because of an typo in it).

Are the properties I’m setting wrong? I couldn’t find some official documentation on these property names but found a hint in this stackoverflow answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/25941616/1735497

Looking forward for your answers, thanks!

BTW The application is already using spring boot.


Here the answer based on the comment from SubOptimal:

The error message actually says that one column type cannot be mapped to a database type by hibernate.
In my case it was the java.util.UUID type I use as primary key in some of my entities. Just apply the annotation @Type(type="uuid-char") (for postgres @Type(type="pg-uuid"))

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