[SOLVED] Nextjs how to type Error page with typescript


How can type an nextjs Error page with Typescript

I’ve tried with:

interface ErrorProps {
  statusCode: number;
function Error({ statusCode }: ErrorProps) {
  return (
        ? `An error ${statusCode} occurred on server`
        : "An error occurred on client"}

interface InitialProps {
  res: NextApiResponse;
  err: NextApiResponse;
Error.getInitialProps = ({ res, err }: InitialProps) => {
  const statusCode = res ? res.statusCode : err ? err.statusCode : 404;
  return { statusCode };

but not sure it’s the right way


According to Next’s own documentation ->

pages/_error.js is only used in production. In development you’ll get an error with the call stack to know where the error originated from.

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