[SOLVED] MySQL: Unknown system variable 'tx_read_only'


I’m working on a Java Swing-based application+ Hibernate+Mysql+Spring.
When I test CRUD operations, I don’t have problems with read, but in insert statements system shows the message:

Unknown system variable `tx_read_only`

I have the last version of MySQl

  • Hibernate 4
  • Java annotations

Can you tell me which is the problem to solve now?


Just throwing rocks to the darkness, but one possibility could be:

  • Variable tx_read_only was introduced in MySQL 5.6.5.
  • Probably MySQL version is older than that, but Connector/J tries to use new variable anyway.
  • According release notes, support for this variable came in Connector/J 5.1.23.

==> maybe version older than 5.1.23 will work, or this is the bug that is fixed in version newer than that.

Answered By – Mikko Maunu

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