[SOLVED] MYSQL OR vs IN performance


I am wondering if there is any difference with regards to performance between the following

SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE someFIELD IN(1,2,3,4)

SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE someFIELD between 0 AND 5

SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE someFIELD = 1 OR someFIELD = 2 OR someFIELD = 3 ... 

or will MySQL optimize the SQL in the same way compilers optimize code?

EDIT: Changed the AND‘s to OR‘s for the reason stated in the comments.


The accepted answer doesn’t explain the reason.

Below are quoted from High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition.

In many database servers, IN() is just a synonym for multiple OR clauses, because the two are logically equivalent. Not so in MySQL, which sorts the values in the IN() list and uses a fast binary search to see whether a value is in the list. This is O(Log n) in the size of the list, whereas an equivalent series of OR clauses is O(n) in the size of the list (i.e., much slower for large lists)

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