[SOLVED] MySQL ERROR 1231 (42000):Variable 'character_set_client' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'


I’ve a MySQL 5.0.84 running in a Slackware 13.0 Staging server and wanted to copy a single table to another server which was built to use Ubuntu 14.04 OS for some other testing. I’ve taken a mysqldump of that table and copied to the testing server. I get the following error when I try to restore the dump file.

ERROR 1231 (42000):Variable 'character_set_client' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'

Please help me how to fix this error. Thanks!


I did some search in internet and fixed it finally.

Added the following text at the beginning of the mysqldump file and the restore was successful.

/*!40101 SET @[email protected]@CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT */;
/*!40101 SET @[email protected]@CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS */;
/*!40101 SET @[email protected]@COLLATION_CONNECTION */;
/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;
/*!40103 SET @[email protected]@TIME_ZONE */;
/*!40103 SET TIME_ZONE='+00:00' */;
/*!40014 SET @[email protected]@UNIQUE_CHECKS, UNIQUE_CHECKS=0 */;
/*!40014 SET @[email protected]@FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS, FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0 */;
/*!40101 SET @[email protected]@SQL_MODE, SQL_MODE='NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO' */;
/*!40111 SET @[email protected]@SQL_NOTES, SQL_NOTES=0 */;

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