[SOLVED] MySQL column have null value but "is null" is not working


I have mySQL table and have column which have null and not null data.

While running query and visibly i can see that BLOCKER column have null values.

mysql> select count(1), BLOCKER from mysql.PRSSTATE group by BLOCKER;
| count(1) | BLOCKER        |
|   193403 |                | 
|      350 | Beta           | 
|       24 | Build          | 

If i issue query as shown below i am getting count(1) as zero.

mysql> select count(1) from mysql.PRSSTATE where BLOCKER  is NULL;
| count(1) |
|        0 | 
1 row in set (0.13 sec)

My doubt is that it might have special character as i have migrated the data from some other system into this table. Wondering how to resolve this. It should be showing by “is null” statement.


BLOCKER may be has zero length:

select count(1) from mysql.PRSSTATE where (BLOCKER  is NULL or BLOCKER = "");

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