[SOLVED] My web service operation call only opens test page in IIS – I am not sure how to call the operation to return my xml


I am new to web services.

I have built a web service in C# that consumes a third party service and then returns the XML response from that call in a web method.

When I test this in IIS on the local web server it works perfectly.

However when I try to call or invoke the service via the URL I use on the test page I can’t return a response.

If I use a GET I simply get the test page loading and the message I can’t use this test page outside of the local server.

In short, I simply want to know how to call the web method externally and mimic the INVOKE button being pressed so I get the response passed back.

This is probably really simple but I can’t get my head around it.

enter image description here

In addition if I use Postman to try and call the URL:


I get the error message detailed below which is a step forward but I am still unsure about how to package up a call to this service

enter image description here


You call the service by making a POST request with a properly formated SOAP message to this URL:


You get the WSDL of the web service by making a GET request to this URL:


You can use that WSDL to build a client or test the service with something like SoapUI. See this and this for more details.

That invocation page or URLs with parameters like this:


are just provided for convenience to allow you to poke at the service and make sure the service is running. They should not be used in "real" calls.

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