[SOLVED] Making sure every Alphabet is in a string (Kotlin)


So I have a question where I am checking if a string has every letter of the alphabet in it. I was able to check if there is alphabet in the string, but I’m not sure how to check if there is EVERY alphabet in said string. Here’s the code

fun isPangram (pangram: Array<String>) : String {
    var panString : String
    var outcome = ""

    for (i in pangram.indices){
        panString = pangram[i]

        if (panString.matches(".^*[a-z].*".toRegex())){
            outcome = outcome.plus('1')
        else {outcome = outcome.plus('0')}

    return outcome


Any ideas are welcomed Thanks.


I think it would be easier to check if all members of the alphabet range are in each string than to use Regex:

fun isPangram(pangram: Array<String>): String =
    pangram.joinToString("") { inputString ->
        when {
            ('a'..'z').all { it in inputString.lowercase() } -> "1"
            else -> "0"

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