[SOLVED] Making a function with variable inputs


I am trying to make a function that does a simple calculation, however, I want to apply it across several columns, and each column has a different constant in the equation.

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This is the formula I want to make into a function.


df<- iris[1:10,2:4]

y_true<- c(3, 1, 0.4)  # each number(constant) corresponds to each column in df 
y_true_sepal_width<- 3 # (1 corresponds to petal.length, 0.4 to petal.width)
R<- 10  # Number of samples
y_estimated<- mean(df$Sepal.Width)

(((sqrt((y_estimated-y_true_sepal_width)^2/R))*100)) #This is (I believe) how to find the value for one column manually 

I want to do this formula, but basically taking the mean of each column and substituting out each y_true as it moves across the data frame. I figured this would be done by putting the true constants into a vector, but haven’t had any luck in incorporating it into the function.


Given that you have a df and y_true, you can create an estimate function as follows:

estimate = function(df, y_true) {
        R = nrow(df)
        y_estimated = apply(df, 2, mean)
        ((sqrt( (y_estimated - y_true)^2 / R)) / y_true) * 100

and then, you can use it with your data as follows:

df = iris[1:10,2:4]
y_true = c(3, 1, 0.4)

estimate(df = df, y_true = y_true)

which outputs:

Sepal.Width Petal.Length  Petal.Width 
    3.267687    14.230249    14.230249

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