[SOLVED] make: *** No rule to make target 'qt5py3'. Stop


I’m working on a machine learning assignment. By the when I was trying to install the following file

brew install qt qt5
brew install libxml2
make qt5py3
python labelImg.py

at make qt5py3 the output from terminal is make: *** No rule to make target ‘qt5py3’. Stop

I’m using OsX high sierra with default terminal
Does anyone know just what’s happened?


To get the labelImg package (from the link you gave) working on OSX High Sierra, I needed to do the following.

First installed the missing lxml dependency using the solution in this answer


brew install qt qt5
brew install libxml2
brew install pyqt5

After installing pyqt5, ensure that pyrcc5 can be run from the command line.

Download and unzip the labelImg .zip file from the link, and cd into the unzipped folder. Then

make qt5py3

When trying to run, I found it necessary to simplify the libs/usty.py file to remove the PyQt4 dependency. I just changed it to:

import sys
def ustr(x):
    return x

At this point I can run the program with

python labelImg.py

Hope this is useful.

Answered By – AS Mackay

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