[SOLVED] Logical port making mysql query too slow


I have a database with the following relationship:

These tables link a customer to an address:
Cliente = client
Clientenendereco = Many to many table between Endereco (table) and Cliente (table)
Endereco = address
Endereco_rua = address_street
Endereco_cidade = address_city
Endereco_estado = address_state

The cardinality is:
Cliente NxN Endereco
Endereco 1×1 Endereco_rua
Endereco_rua 1×1 Endereco_cidade
Endereco_cidade 1×1 Endereco_state

And the query I use is:

SELECT cli.cliente_id, cli.cliente_cpf, cli.cliente_nome, TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, 
cli.cliente_datanasc, CURDATE()) AS idade, ende.endereco_cep, ende.endereco_numero, 
ben.beneficio_codigo, ben.beneficio_valor, ban.banco_cod, ab.banco_agencia_numero, 
cbb.conta_banco_numero, ben.beneficio_margem_emprestimo, ben.beneficio_margem_cartao 
FROM cliente AS cli 
RIGHT JOIN telefonencliente AS tnc FORCE INDEX(`fk_telefone_has_cliente_cliente1_idx`) 
ON tnc.cliente_id = cli.cliente_id 
RIGHT JOIN telefone AS tel 
ON tel.telefone_id = tnc.telefone_id 
INNER JOIN beneficio AS ben 
ON ben.cliente_id = cli.cliente_id  

LEFT JOIN clientenendereco AS ce 
ON ce.cliente_id = cli.cliente_id 
LEFT JOIN endereco AS ende 
ON ende.endereco_id = ce.endereco_id 
LEFT JOIN endereco_rua AS er 
ON er.endereco_rua_id = ende.endereco_rua_id 

LEFT JOIN endereco_cidade AS ec
ON ec.endereco_cidade_id = er.cidade_id
LEFT JOIN endereco_estado AS ee
ON ee.endereco_estado_id = ec.estado_id

LEFT JOIN banco_agencia AS ab 
ON ab.banco_agencia_id = ben.fk_banco_agencia_id 
LEFT JOIN conta_banco AS cbb 
ON cbb.conta_banco_id = ben.fk_conta_banco_id 
LEFT JOIN banco AS ban 
ON ban.banco_id = ben.fk_banco_id
WHERE ee.endereco_estado_id = 1 AND cli.cliente_id IS NOT NULL AND cli.cliente_id NOT 
IN(SELECT ci.cliente_id FROM cliente_inativo AS ci WHERE ci.cliente_id = cli.cliente_id) 
cli.cliente_id NOT IN (SELECT ma.cliente_id FROM mailing_alocado AS ma WHERE 
ma.cliente_id = cli.cliente_id) AND TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, cli.cliente_datanasc, 
CURDATE()) >=18 AND TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, cli.cliente_datanasc, CURDATE()) <=68 AND 
(ben.beneficio_datainicio BETWEEN '1990-01-01' AND '2007-12-31') 
GROUP BY cli.cliente_id
LIMIT 20000

When I use "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1" the query takes 2 minutes to return the records
On the other hand if I remove "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1" the query takes 0.068 seconds
Here with Explain:
With "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1"
Without "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1"

I noticed that without the "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1" It starts with the table "ben", which is good, however, with the "ee.endereco_estado_id = 1" It starts with the table "ee" which takes a long time.
I don’t know what to do anymore, because I need the records that are in state number 1, please help me I don’t know what I can do or where is my error.

endereco ~ 3milions rows
endereco_rua ~ 4milions rows
endereco_cidade ~ 21thousand rows
endereco_estado ~ 26 rows


Let’s try turning the query inside out to avoid the GROUP BY, which is probably causing some of the performance hangup.

SELECT ... ((lots of columns))
    FROM (
        SELECT cliente_id
            FROM client
            ((with the minimal JOINs and WHEREs to get the ids))
            ORDER BY .. LIMIT .. -- if needed
         ) AS ids
    JOIN client AS cli ON cli.cliente_id = ids.cliente_id
    JOIN (( all the other tables and WHEREs ))
    ORDER BY ..  -- if needed; note: the inner sort will be lost

I assume you indexes on the various columns in the WHERE clauses? If not, please provide SHOW CREATE TABLE and EXPLAIN SELECT...

Please do not use LEFT when the ‘right’ table is not optional. Example: ee.endereco_estado_id = 1

Please say which JOINs are 1:1 vs 1:many vs many:1. I need to understand whether the joining "explodes" the number of rows (only to have the GROUP BY implode them). My suggested rewrite assumes that is happening.

Answered By – Rick James

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