[SOLVED] LINQ consumes a lot of CPU resources


The code below takes up as much as 22% of the CPU.

public async Task<Client> SingleByIdAsync(string clientId)
    var baseQuery = _configurationDbContext.Clients.Where(p => p.ClientId == clientId).Include(p => p.ClientSecrets);

    await baseQuery.SelectMany(p => p.Scopes).Include(p => p.ApiScope).LoadAsync();

    return await baseQuery.SingleOrDefaultAsync();

LoadAsync consumes 8% of CPU.
And another function consumes 17% of CPU:

public async Task<List<ApiResource>> FindByScopesNameAsync(List<string> scopes)
            return await _configurationDbContext.ApiResources.Where(p => p.Scopes.Any(x => scopes.Any(y => y == x.ApiScope.Name))).Select(p => p).ToListAsync();

My question is what is wrong with this linq? Why is it taking so many resources? How can I optimize them?


Okay, so I found a surprisingly good solution. I did this:

services.AddDbContext<ConfigurationDbContext>(cfg =>
    cfg.UseSqlServer(configuration.GetConnectionString("Default"), x =>

so I just set up QuerySplittingBehavior to SplitQuery. This solution is so efficient that I can now handle up to 1000 out of 100 supported requests per second (according to Loading Tests performed on 8 threads).

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