[SOLVED] Laravel mix build stopped after a time and very slow


I have an application built with Laravel 8 and Vue 3 (in the same project) which is running with laravel mix. I am running the app with docker with different containers.

Laravel part is running, but the issue is with frontend part. I run "npm run dev" on node container to start the laravel mix that build the application. For some reasons, the process is stopped at 15% (not on the same file) without any error. I don’t know why.

It seems to be a timeout value on running commands or maybe a bad config.

This is my webpack.mix.js:

const mix = require("laravel-mix");
const path = require("path");

mix.ts("resources/ts/app.ts", "public/js")
    .vue({ version: 3 })
        module: {
            rules: [
                    test: /.mjs$/i,
                    resolve: {
                        byDependency: { esm: { fullySpecified: false } },
        resolve: {
            alias: {
                "@": path.resolve(__dirname, "resources/ts/src/"),



I’ve fixed the issue. It was a memory issue. So, I increased memory on my server and build is complete now.

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