[SOLVED] It's possible, create a table without primary key in TypeOrm?


And still managing to do @OneToMany in another entity.

export class ProductsOfOrder { 
    @ManyToOne(() => Order, order => order.products)
    order: Order

    @ManyToOne(() => Product)
    product: Product

    @Column({type: 'integer'})
    amount: number

In the case using the foreign key of order

export class Order {
    id: string

    @ManyToOne(() => User)
    user: User

    @OneToMany(() => ProductsOfOrder, productsOfOrder => productsOfOrder.order, {cascade: true})
    products: ProductsOfOrder[]


Ciao, no you can’t because its required for entities to have a primary column in terms of ORM because most of ORM operations are heavily rely on entity primary ids.

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