[SOLVED] Is there any way for define my own "onSomeFunction" for an element in jquery?


Is there any way for defining my own “onSomeFunction” in jQuery?
I have a function to understand that an element is scrolled to view or not. its name is “isScrolledToView()” and returns true or false.
Now I want to define something like code below.
its just an example. I want to do it for any other functions like this:

$("div.myDiv").on("scrolledToView", function() {
    alert("Scrolled To View")

please help me with this.


Not that easy! But yes it’s possible.
But now, let’s look for an easy way:
In this case, we can simply use:

let onScrollIntoView = () => {
    // do some stuff...
window.addEventListener("scroll", function() {
    const isVisible = true // or false// Chek if that element is in the viewport
    if (isVisible) { onScrollIntoView() }

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