[SOLVED] Is there a Regex for a String (in antlr) that won't discard the escape characters


I’m using ANTLR to make a simple language, and right now I’m trying to implement escape characters into my strings, what I have now is:

 : ["] ( ~["\r\n\\] .*? | .*? '\\' ~[\r\n] )* ["]

However, whenever I feed it an input like

"Test 1234\n"

It discards the \, leaving me with Test 1234n, which won’t work. Is there a RegEx to match any String and keep the back slashes?


Here’s a regex that matches a quoted string of letters, numbers, spaces and backslashes but only when the backslash is followed by r or n:

"(\\[rn]|[a-zA-Z0-9 ])*"

See live demo.

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