[SOLVED] Importing CSV using MySQL Workbench. Not all records imported


I have to load this csv file for educational purposes.

Movie Table

It has 4803 records and I am trying to load it with "Table Data Import" choice in MySQL workbench. But, the process do not load all records:

enter image description here

There are no errors in log:

there are no errors in log

But it only loads 37 records:

enter image description here

Intentionally, I manually change the csv by copying the record 37 (which was loaded) into record 38 (which was not loaded). But I had the same results.

I look for other similar questions in stackoverflow but I did not find a solution.


I’ve been struggling the past 4 hours (literally) with a similar problem. I was lucky to stumble across a similar post (linked below), where I learned that one of my columns required "BigInt" as the data type as opposed to "Int." Problem solved! I hope this works for you if you haven’t found a solution already!

MySQL workbench not importing all rows from csv

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