[SOLVED] Import CSV into table – MySQL [Error Code: 2068]


I am getting this error :

Error Code: 2068. LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE file request rejected due to restrictions on access.

I checked the SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE ‘local_infile’ —— VALUE:ON

Also, I added to the advanced configuration of the connection the following OPT_LOCAL_INFILE=1.

I’m using this query

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/Users/hola/testingrow.csv’
INTO TABLE mytable

What am I doing wrong? Im working on a MAC



The file you are trying to import cannot be read by your SQL user. Update permissions on that file so that it can be read by anyone (chmod 7xx ) or create a local user for the SQL user on your local machine and grant it access to that file. Alternatively you could move that file to a directory which is already accessible by the SQL user.

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