[SOLVED] ILogger instance does not log in async method, but Console.WriteLine does


I have a class TCPTransport:

private ILogger _logger;

public TcpTransport(ILogger logger) {
    _logger = logger;
    OnTick += DoTick;

public async void MainLoop() {

When running this class, and calling the MainLoop method, I get the ILogger output "Init", and the Console output of "Mainloop1", yet Mainloop2 does not output at all.

I’ve tried to put it in a Task, and to make the thread sleep. I can’t find any info on why this would happen, I assume it has to do with the fact that the method is async.


Console.Writeline and _logger.LogDebug maybe writing to different log levels. Try changing LogDebug with LogInformation.

If you didn’t edit the log level yourself, you can check appsettings.json file for the configured logging settings.

Answered By – Abdelkrim Bournane

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