[SOLVED] If Statement Vs. while loop


I readied some where that while loops are faster than if Statement;

Doesn’t That Make

    //the code

faster and better than a normal If Statement ??!

If true why people uses the if statements ’till now <– I had to use a while loop right there : )



It is generally not faster in natively compiled languages like C, C++, Rust, etc. since the optimizing compilers can rewrite this anyway but basic one may not (resulting in more branches. It is bug prone due to the break and does not make the intent clear resulting in a less readable code. Put it shortly: do not use this code to emulate conditions. Instead, write clean codes, check that the compiler does its optimizing job correctly, and only then, use micro-optimization to speed up your code if your profiler show this is needed and worth it. As Donald Knuth said once: Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

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