[SOLVED] IdentityServer4 loading certificates in a Linux Web App in Azure


At the moment I have a web app that works in developer mode, but I am trying to make it work with a self-signed certificate in a Linux Web App in Azure. I have already uploaded the .pfx file to Azure and loaded it into the container by setting the WEBSITE_LOAD_CERTIFICATES application setting. At first, I tried using the store, however, this does not work in Linux.

Instead, I have already been able to find the file where it is uploaded (to a .p12 file), however, when I try to load the certificate manually I get the error error:23076071:PKCS12 routines:PKCS12_parse:mac verify failure which seems to be a problem with the password, but I have verified the password is correct multiple times.

A post here has the method of generating the self-signed keys using openssl, and shows the same issue.

Note: Loading the certificate works on both Windows and Ubuntu, just not in the Linux Web App in Azure.


In order to get around this, I used the certificate created through azure with the "Create App Service Managed Certificate" option. The password supplied when loading the certificate is just an empty string ("").

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