[SOLVED] I want to add x customers on Prestashop via code but with extra fields


I’m trying to add customers with a code but the PrestaShop is giving me a bug.
I’m using PHP and XML

$XMLRQString = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'.
    '<x:Winmax4GetEntitiesRQ xmlns:x="urn:Winmax4GetEntitiesRQ">'.
                    '</x:Winmax4GetEntitiesRQ >';
                    'Winmax4GetEntitiesRQXML'=> $XMLRQString
                    $return = $client->GetEntities($Params);
                    $XMLRSString = new SimpleXMLElement($return->GetEntitiesResult);

foreach ($XMLRSString->Entities->Entity as $entity)
    $default_lang= Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT');
    $customer=new Customer();

    $customer->email= $entity->Email;

    $customer->lastname= $entity->EntityType;

    $customer->firstname= [$default_lang => $entity->Name];

    $customer->contribuinte= $entity->TaxPayerID;

    $customer->passwd= $entity->TaxPayerID;

    $customer->active = 1;


ERROR: (1/1) ContextErrorException Warning: preg_match() expects
parameter 2 to be string, array given

in Validate.php line 172

at ValidateCore::isCustomerName(array(object(SimpleXMLElement))) in
ObjectModel.php line 1149

at ObjectModelCore->validateField(‘firstname’,
array(object(SimpleXMLElement))) in ObjectModel.php line 981

at ObjectModelCore->validateFields() in ObjectModel.php line 284

at ObjectModelCore->getFields() in ObjectModel.php line 551

at ObjectModelCore->add(true, true) in Customer.php line 264

at CustomerCore->add() in create_clients.php line 66


When storing values from SimpleXML, if you just refer to the element itself by it’s tag name – this will be an instance of SimpleXMLElement. As you want the actual content of the element, the simplest way to do this is to cast it to a string…

$customer->firstname= (string)$entity->Name;

Answered By – Nigel Ren

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