[SOLVED] I am getting an error while i am running a function in pandas dataframe.I am getting invalid syntax for the first line of the function


def revised_price(engine-location,price):
if engine-location==front:
updated_price== price
updated_price== 2*price

return new_profit

df[‘updated_price’] = df.apply(lambda x: revised_price(x[‘engine-location’], x[‘price’]),axis=1)

Please find the error that i am getting
File "", line 1
def revised_price(engine-location,’price):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


You didn’t follow naming convention here

You can’t name inside a function like engine-location , instead rename it to engine_location, and also instead of

updated_price == price


updated_price = price

and instead of

updated_price == 2*price


updated_price = 2*price

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