[SOLVED] How would I populate a multi-dimensional array using values from multiple lists in C#


This is my Code so far:

 public static void FillArray(int[,,,] array)

      List<string> BusCompany = new List<string>();

       BusCompany.Add("Sample Company 1");
       BusCompany.Add("Sample Company 2");
        BusCompany.Add("Sample Company 3");
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Company 4");
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Company 5");

      List<string> Route = new List<string>();
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Route 1");
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Route 2");

      List<string> Bus = new List<string>();
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Bus 1");
      BusCompany.Add("Sample Bus 2");

      List<string> Seat = new List<string>();
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 1");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 2");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 3");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 4");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 5");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 6");
      BusCompany.Add("Seat 7");
    BusCompany.Add("Seat 8");
    BusCompany.Add("Seat 9");
    BusCompany.Add("Seat 10");

    List<string> Available = new List<string>();

    string[,,,,] reservationTable;

    for (int BC = 0; BC < BusCompany.Count; BC++)
        string BusCompanyValue = BusCompany[BC];
        for (int BR = 0; BR < Route.Count; BR++)
            string BusRouteValue = Route[BR];
            for (int BB = 0; BB < Bus.Count; BB++)
                string BusValue = Bus[BB];
                for (int BS = 0; BS < Seat.Count; BS++)
                    string SeatValue = Seat[BS];
                    reservationTable[BC, BR, BB, BS,];

What I want it to do is get the values from the each list, and populate the array in a way where each one becomes a property of the one before. Sorry don’t know how else to explain it.
For example one full thing would be

 ["Sample Company 1", "Sample Route 1", "Sample Bus 1", "Seat 1", "Yes"]

while another would be

 ["Sample Company 1", "Sample Route 1", "Sample Bus 1", "Seat 2", "Yes"]

and so on until all the different variations have been added. The "Yes" at the end is always the same value.

My main attempt has just been the code I showed above, so far I’ve gotten no result.


What I think you need is somethin glike this

class Company{
   string Name;
   List<Route> Routes;
   List<Bus> Buses;


class Route{
    string Name;

class Bus{
    List<Seat> Seats;

class Seat{
    int Number;
    bool Booked;

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