[SOLVED] How to verify whether a shortcut-keysequence is valid?


In my application I allow the user to enter shortcuts in a line-edit. E.g., if the user enters Ctrl + F10, this means that a certain action will be executed if the user presses F10.

I use the QKeySequence class to convert the string Ctrl + F10 to a QKeySequence, and then pass this QKeySequence to the QShortCut’s constructor.

Is there a way to verify that the QKeySequence is valid for a shortcut? E.g. if the user enters Ctrl + Shift, this is converted to a QKeySequence, but I don’t want to allow this for a shortcut.
Same with strings like Ctrl + F10 + Ctrl (which becomes Ctrl), …


You could prevent the user from entering himself the shortcut text, and capture the key directly (you would still have to filter “orphan” modifier keys manually).

See How can I capture QKeySequence from QKeyEvent depending on current keyboard layout? for a working example.

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