[SOLVED] How to use variable declared inside function outside of it?


How do I use a variable that I declared inside a function outside one. Do I have to declare a function first and then use it?
Using global doesn’t work, so what do I do?

I am using the variable inside a tkinter Label function, like so:

def a():
    b = "hello world"

q = Label(textvariable=b).pack

So that might be a part of the issue, but I’m still not sure.
The error message simply says the variable doesn’t exist.


Before assigning a variable to a label which was inside a function, you need to call the function at least once to initiate the variable. Furthermore, to call a variable outside of your function you need to use the global function inside it.
I know it sounds confusing but the code down below will work:

from tkinter import *

root = Tk()

def a():
  global b # making the variable a global variable to be able to call it out of the function
  b = "hello world"

a() #initiate the variable by calling the function
q = Label(root,text=b) 


Tell me if this worked ! 👍

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