[SOLVED] How to use class variables in object in typescript?


suppose I have a class in typescript file like below:

export class app {
  public variable1: string;
  public variable2: number;
  public variable3 = "Hello world"
  constructor(count: number) {
      this.variable1 = "something",
      this.variable2 = 1 + count;


now in another file, I am exporting this class as:

import { app } from './directory';
let pageApp:app;

now, how can I access app variables here?


Your definition of the class is syntactically incorrect, no let in classes and semantically incorrect, you need to declare all fields:

// appClass.ts
export class app {
    variable1: string // implicitly public in typescript
    variable2: number
    variable3 = "Hellow world"
    constructor(count : number) {
        this.variable1 = "something";
        this.variable2 = 1 + count;


With regard to usage, the import should be fine, but you need to import the file in which the class resides (not the directory as your imports suggest) and you need to new up the class to create an instance

import { app } from './appClass'; // notice no extension (no .js or .ts)
let pageApp:app = new app(1);

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