[SOLVED] How to tell QPluginLoader to check for dll dependencies in containing folder instead of exe folder


I have a dll which is some kind of plugin and I intend to deploy it as a package, the dll and all it’s dependencies (also dlls) in one package. The issue that I have is that the dll is checking for it’s dependencies in the exe folder instead of its own folder, its dependencies are next to it.

Is there a way to tell it where the dependencies are?

In my case the plugin is loaded by QPluginLoader and the answers hinted that this is relevant as the loader decides where to look for dependencies.


As @Alex Reinking pointed out the loader is responsible for finding the dlls, in my case the loading was done by QPluginLoader and a solution was to set the current directory to the plugin directory as the loader looks in the current directory for dlls:

QDir pluginsDir(QLatin1String("../src/"));
QPluginLoader pluginLoader(pluginsDir.absoluteFilePath(fileName));

Answered By – Damir Porobic

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