[SOLVED] How to store qt containers inside qt containers


Do I understand right that it does not make real sense to have


and that I can stick just to:


due to implicit sharing?

Honestly, using STL, I would never do like this and would have std::vector<std::shared_ptr<std::unordered_map<...>>>.


My question is about performance. I understand that it’s different ways of storing objects.


No, those have different behaviour.

The QVector<QVariantHash> is still copy-on-write, so copies of the vector only share elements up to the first modification, whereas so long as you leave the pointers alone, the QVariantHashs pointed-to by the elements of QVector<QSharedPointer<QVariantHash>> will still be the same objects.

As an aside, I would avoid relying on implicit sharing, because it is really easy to fall into undefined behaviour, with pointers or references being invalidated from underneath you.

I would also caution against overuse of shared pointers. Almost always you can have one thing with unique ownership which hands out references.

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