[SOLVED] How to Specifically Schedule Pipelines with Azure DevOps


How to schedule a one time run, non-repeating pipeline in AzurDevOps. I want to create this pipeline for our UAT environment, but I don’t want to run it manually, so I was thinking is there a way I can put multiple specific dates to run the pipeline?


In short, we can’t schedule a non-repeating pipeline in DevOps because it defines a schedule using cron syntax.
Each Azure Pipelines scheduled trigger cron expression is a space-delimited expression with five entries(Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Days of week).

If you need to run pipeline at some specific days, as a workaround, please schedule it on your end and call the Rest API to run your pipeline.

There are the detailed steps: https://blog.geralexgr.com/cloud/trigger-azure-devops-build-pipelines-using-rest-api.

Answered By – Pamela Peng – MSFT

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