[SOLVED] how to show Html tags in asp.net core select list Item


in the view of the select list, it shows HTML tags as text

 foreach (var productColorDto in colorList)
            colorSelectList.Add(new SelectListItem
                Value = productColorDto.Id.ToString(),
                Text = productColorDto.Name + " - " +
                       $"<span class='item fa fa-circle' style='color: {productColorDto.HexValue}'></span>",
                Selected = config.Color.Id == productColorDto.Id

and this is the view

<select class="js-example-basic-single col-lg-6 mb-2" asp-for="Color.Id" asp-items="selectListColor" multiple></select>


If you want to set options with colorList:

@foreach (var productColorDto in colorList)
    if (config.Color.Id == productColorDto.Id)
        <option [email protected]() selected>@productColorDto.Name-<span class='item fa fa-circle' style='color: @productColorDto.HexValue'></span></option>
        <option [email protected]()>@productColorDto.Name-<span class='item fa fa-circle' style='color: @productColorDto.HexValue'></span></option>


Answered By – Yiyi You

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