[SOLVED] How to show EasyTipView above my Button in swift iOS


So I have a few buttons in my app that i want to show tool tips above. I am using the module EasyTipView but it shows the tool tip below my button, I want the tool tip above my buttons. Can anyone please help, I am super new to iOS and I know it’s an easy task but I am unable to find a solution.


I think I found EasyTipView. It looks like it is on github at https://github.com/teodorpatras/EasyTipView. Is that it?

If so, that class has a property arrowPosition. The "Usage" section of the readme says:


First you should customize the preferences:

var preferences = EasyTipView.Preferences()
// deleted other preferences settings that aren't relevant 
preferences.drawing.arrowPosition = EasyTipView.ArrowPosition.top

Further down in readme, it lists the legal arrow positions as .top, .bottom,.left,.right, and .any.

If you want your tool tip to appear below the view, you should try usingEasyTipView.ArrowPosition.top.

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