[SOLVED] How to set a new window into a GroupBox in QT?


I have a Window with a Group Box called Function control box

enter image description here

I want to include this window into that group box

enter image description here

I do that by using this code


Where componentIdentification in an UI object of the window above.

But it seems that nothing happens. Why?

This is what happening. From this:

enter image description here

To this:

enter image description here


How can I import a complete window form into a group box in QT?


Conceptually, the group box is supposed to be the other window’s parent (not the opposite), thus you should do:


A better way to do the same thing: set a layout to the parent (the group box) and add the child window to the layout, i.e., in construction:

ui->functionControlBoxGroupBox->setLayout(new QGridLayout());

somewhere else, later:


This way, the group box is automatically set as the component’s parent.

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