[SOLVED] How to resolve mysql port 3306 error on wamp?


I am getting following error when I test mysql port 3306:

***** Test which uses port 3306 *****

===== Tested by command netstat filtered on port 3306 =====

Port 3306 is not found associated with TCP protocol
Port 3306 is not found associated with TCP protocol

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I’ve tried many methods but it could not work. Apache is working fine but MySQL service is not able to start. Wamp icon is orange and showing only 1 of 3 services running.

I have tried all points mentioned in MySQL service not starting on WAMP?


After so much exploring, it is rectified now. The my.ini file inside the Windows folder was the real problem. It is conflicting with the WAMP mysql my.ini. Now it is working fine after deleting that file from the Windows folder.

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