[SOLVED] How to replace a url using regex in javascript


I have a url in the format url = /api/v1/customers/123/spend/456

I needed to replace the numbers between slashes as *.Same for numbers in the end of url as * .

so my expected url output url = /api/v1/customers/*/spend/*

How can we achieve this using RegEx??


You can do this by using lookaround(lookahead & lookbehind), using these you can match only the numbers.

let pattern = /(?<=\/)\d+(?=\/|$)/g
let url = "/api/v1/customers/123/spend/456"

url = url.replace(pattern, '*')

(?<=\/)  lookbehind which matches the / before a number
\d+      matches one of more digits
(?=\/|$) loohahead which matches either the / after the number or the end of the string

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