[SOLVED] How to remove parameters from query builder?


I have a problem with my query builder. I am using symfony. What i want to acomplish: I have a given query builder, and i want to count all rows based on this query. So i worked on following solution:

$aliases = $queryBuilder->getRootAliases();
$alias = array_values($aliases)[0];

$cloneQueryBuilder = clone $queryBuilder;
$from = $cloneQueryBuilder->getDQLPart('from');


$newQueryBuilder = $cloneQueryBuilder
    ->select('count(' . $alias . '.id)')
    ->add('from', $from[0]);

$this->total = $newQueryBuilder->getQuery()->getSingleScalarResult();

However im getting an exception : Too many parameters: the query defines 0 parameters and you bound 1 Does anyone knows how to solve it ?


Calling setParameters should overwrite all existing parameters.

Answered By – Joshua

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