[SOLVED] How to redirect on ASP.Net Core Razor Pages


I am using the new Razor Pages in ASP.Net core 2
Now I need to redirect

I tried this, but the page does not redirect:

public class IndexModel : PageModel
    public void OnGet()
        string url = "/.auth/login/aad?post_login_redirect_url=" + Request.Query["redirect_url"];


How to redirect?


You were very close. These methods need to return an IActionResult (or Task<IActionResult> for async methods) and then you need to return the redirect.

public IActionResult OnGet()
    string url = "/.auth/login/aad?post_login_redirect_url=" 
      + Request.Query["redirect_url"];

    return Redirect(url);

Razor pages documentation

However, you have a huge Open Redirect Attack because you aren’t validating the redirect_url variable. Don’t use this code in production.

Answered By – Erik Philips

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