[SOLVED] How to properly type the theme passed as prop to the styled() method on Material UI? (TypeScript)


I’m using Material UI with its styled function to stylize components, such as:

const MyThemeComponent = styled("div")(({ theme }) => `
  color: ${theme.palette.primary.contrastText};
  background-color: ${theme.palette.primary.main};
  padding: ${theme.spacing(1)};
  borderRadius: ${theme.shape.borderRadius};

It works, but the typing does not, showing the fields, after written, as of type any. So, we’re left without autocomplete, suggestions or error checking.

How can I have the typing working properly within the styled() method?



Fixed it by using the Emotion / Styled-Components format instead of the MUI format shown in the documentation.

const MyThemeComponent = styled("div")`
  color: ${({ theme }) => theme.palette.primary.contrastText};
  background-color: ${({ theme }) => theme.palette.primary.main};
  padding: ${({ theme }) => theme.spacing(2)};
  border-radius: ${({ theme }) => theme.shape.borderRadius}px;

fixed demo

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