[SOLVED] How to predefine object with element as an array <string> type?


I have an object, and i need to define in this object sub element, which will be as an array.
But how do i define it’s type?
Without type definition it throws error.

Implicitly has any[]

let someObject = {
  somePropety: {
    A : 0,
    B : 0,
    C : []<string>,

Does anyone know how to asign C element an array of string type ?


You seem to be looking for

let someObject = {
  someProperty: {
    A: 0,
    B: 0,
    C: [] as string[],

Alternatively, you can declare the type of the entire someObject variable (see @wooooooo’s or @ksav’s answers for that) instead of using a type assertion on the empty array literal.

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