[SOLVED] How to make ImageButton not clickable


I have a number of ImageButtons within a repeater, depending on each record some of these images will be clickable and others, I have disabled the button to stop postback.

I have now changed the opacity of each image so that unless you are hovering on that imagebutton it will be 0.6. The trouble is, for those that I have disabled, obviously I cannot alter the opacity on/off hover.

Currently I am doing this:

    if (vessel.IsRegistered)
        imagebuttonRegistration.ImageUrl = ("../Images/Icons/registrationApproved.gif");
        imagebuttonRegistration.CommandArgument = null;
        imagebuttonRegistration.ToolTip = GetLocalResourceObject("imageButRegistrationRegisteredText").ToString();

public static void DisableImageButton(ImageButton imagebutton)

But as disabling the button is now causing me problems, how might I just stop the button being clickable/no postback but allow the other attributes to be used.


Different way using Css:

In your css file add:


And in DisableImageButton method add:

imagebutton.Attributes["class"] ="notclickable";

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