[SOLVED] How to make a screenreader pronounce C# correctly


On my website, I reference the programming language C#. A screen reader will read this as “C number”.

Is it worth trying to force a screenreader pronounce “C sharp”?

If so, I have tried <span aria-label="C sharp">C#</span>, but the <span> stops the screenreaders flow… And even when I hover the ‘C#’ text, it is still pronounced “C number”.

Any suggestions?


I would wrap it in abbr tags and provide C Sharp as the title attribute. You are adding semantic meaning to your markup that can then be used by assistive technology. It’s not really worth trying to force a screen reader to read it correctly as you’ll likely make things confusing and most users will set their screen reader to read abbreviations to their own preference.

<abbr title="C Sharp">C#</abbr>

Answered By – James Coyle

Answer Checked By – Timothy Miller (BugsFixing Admin)

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